Problems reaching university students in Tampere?

"I have an awesome job opportunity but also a need for fresh ideas in my organization. Who do I contact? Who should I contact?"

Getting your word across to the three universities of Tampere (TUT, UTA, TAMK) and to their students can be a difficult task. If you or your company find it unclear, who it is that you should send notifications regarding internships or thesis ideas to, maybe this list will help you out.

Also note the disclaimer: this list is incomplete, so if you find that your field or your organization is missing, please let us know. We will gladly develop this list accordingly.

Contacting the numerous student guilds, associations and organizations is essential when trying to contact students within the T3

When students talk about the best ways to find opportunities, Aarresaari comes up quite often. Aarresaari offers services for employers, for 12 universities in Finland and also freshly graduated students. Aarresaari aims to act as a bridge connecting students and employers. Both the UTA and TUT use this network. 

TAMK, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. TAMK is characterized by its diversity and multidisciplinary education, and therefore holds a large pool of potential with its 10000 students from for seven different fields or business. The best ways to contact TAMK are:

The University of Tampere UTA is the home of six faculties and some 15 000 degree students. UTA is one of the largest and most popular universities in Finland. This makes for an interesting scramble, especially since the former "schools" have since been changed back to "faculties". Here are the key contacts which will help you get started.

Tampere University of Technology ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TUT and its campus are the academic home of some 8300 undergraduate students and 1700 employees. International cooperation is an essential part of TUT's operations. The university is home to graduate engineers, architects and doctors of technology and philosophy. Unlike UTA, the student organisations are called guilds, and are controlled in a different way compared to registered associations. Nonethless the guilds are the backbone of engineer culture. Hence one should definately be in touch with the guilds and their active members. 

​​​​​​​As mentioned earlier, this list is definitely not complete. The upcoming Tampere3 development plan to unite the three universities will change the field of student organizations, especially the central representatives Tamko, TTYY and TAMY. If you or your organization find that some key contacts are missing, we will gladly extend the list. Or if you weren't able to find the suitable organization for your need, we kindly ask you to write us about this. 

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