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To us Tampereans it goes without saying that #Tampere is the best place to live in #Finland. Most of the Finns agree with us according to the Willingness to move -research made every other year by #Taloustutkimus. The just released survey shows again that every third Finn would rather move to Tampere than to any other place in Finland! The most valued things about Tampere are the optimal location, the agreeable living conditions, the rich culture scene and the great possibilities to study. #tampereallbright #muuttohalukkuus
Tampere on jälleen mielikuvien ykkönen! - Tampereen Seudun Vetovoima

30 prosenttia suomalaisista voisi kuvitella muuttavansa Tampereelle. Taloustutkimus Oy:n muuttohalukkuuskyselyssä Tampere otti jälleen ykkössijan, kun vastaajia pyydettiin antamaan eri kaupungeille yleisarvosana asuinpaikkana.

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